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It Began In Brooklyn

A Talk About Influences and Inspirations

This is a talk I've given several times—to such organizations as The Type Directors Club, Art Institute, and Typecon. This talk can range in length anywhere from 45 minutes to possibly 1½ hours, depending on the target audience, the venue, and other factors.

In it I discuss (with many examples) how growing up in mid-century Brooklyn had a powerful impact on my aesthetics, and made such indelible impressions on me that their influence on my work has been undeniable. Furthermore I talk about how I wasn't fully aware of this until a few years ago, and how I made the discovery. I also show many examples of my work from various stages in my career, and discuss the various influences that were at play in them. All of this serves to drive home the point that we're all surrounded by an incredible amount of material that from the time we're children has, and continues to have, an incredible influence over who we are—and helps to mold our aesthetic senses.

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