Just completed (almost simultaneously) 2 magazine covers. The first one for Cincinnati Magazine. Cincinnati is the home of Tide laundry detergent, and so Art Director Grace Saunders suggested using the classic Tide packaging as a jumping off point for a cover on environmental awareness in that city. I suggested that they really go "green" with the graphic, making the familiar orange, yellow and blue iconic image more of a statement by using an unexpected color treatment. The "Fresh" graphic was hand-lettered while the various subheads were created with different fonts including my recently released Bank Gothic AS which adds lowercase characters to Morris Fuller Benton's classic font.

The second cover was completed for Art Director Jed Davis for Promo Magazine. Because of time constraints, I was forced to rework an illustration of a batter I had originally created for my silkscreen poster celebrating the release of my font Metroscript. The cover story was about how stadiums these days are having to come up with ever more creative ways of attracting people to ballparks—including promotions like having Elvis impersonators parachute into the stadium: thus the Elvis themed "scorebook"–like cover.