People are always asking me how I ended up doing what I do. They also want to know if what I do has a "name". My intention was never to set out to be a "lettering artist", but somehow I always gravitated towards solving communication problems with letterforms. I guess in some ways I'm a designer who works like an illustrator. I have done work of all kinds in all sizes—from billboards to postage stamps, from logo design to labels, from CD covers to signage—and then of course there's font design. I don't feel it's ever a good idea to try to fit one's work into categories or niches: what I do overlaps several categories: illustration, graphic design, lettering, typography and font design. What I usually tell people is that I'm a "letterforms" artist—a definition vague enough not to be too confining, but at the same time giving a little more emphasis to the "lettering" part. How I ended up "inventing" this genre (I hope that doesn't sound too immodest) is a whole other matter. I don't want to give myself more credit than I actually deserve by focusing on this, but people are always asking how I got here . . . so, if you're interested, stay tuned for my next post for more of the backstory.