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   The Metroscript User Manual for OpenType Compatible Applications (above) can be downloaded before purchase. Click the image above or Soup logo below to download a 7 page PDF file (660 KB). The manual describes how to get the most out of this font, including how to set variable-length tails, accessing alternates, ligatures and swashes, and some important do's & don'ts.
   The User Manual for Non-OpenType Compatible Applications (not pictured) is available. Click HERE to download.
  Virtually years in the making, Metroscript is an outgrowth of a style of letterform that I've used in my design work literally dozens of times, usually for connecting words such as "and the", "from", etc. This style has been described as a "baseball" or "sports" script—which is true—but its applicablity is really much wider than that.
  Created in OpenType, Metroscript is chock full of features that will expand its usability such as; 6 different tail styles with variable lengths; letters that "know" when they're at the beginning or at the end of a word or following a certain other letter—and change accordingly; plus literally dozens of special characters, swashes, ligatures, accents and foreign characters all fitting together in a way that makes each word seem as if it was lettered by hand.
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The Metroscript poster, above, (click to enlarge) is the second in the series of 18" x 24" limited edition serigraphs that are being silkscreened to celebrate select new fonts upon their release. The posters are sold through Illogator, and also through the Font Bros website.
   TO PURCHASE the poster, click on the Fine Art Prints link, below.

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