Michael Doret/Alphabet Soup

TDC Winner
Deliscript Upright & Slant
Although the initial idea for Deliscript Upright and Deliscript Slant was inpired by the neon sign in front of Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, the design soon took on a life of its own–and its own distinctive look. Unlike most "retro" fonts, Deliscript is not a retread of an older design that had been lost or forgotten, found, and then recreated. Like its sibling Metroscript, it is a completely new and unique design created from the ground up. It may have historical antecedents, but despite the "déjà vu" feeling it may provoke, let me assure you that it’s as new and fresh as anything else out there. TO VIEW or PURCHASE Deliscript now, click one of the links below.
The Deliscript User Manual can be down- loaded before purchase. Click the image below to download a 6 page PDF file (732 kb). The manual describes how to get the most out of this font, including how to set variable-length tails, how to extend the unique t-crossbars, accessing alternates, ligatures and swashes, and some important do's & don'ts. Includes character sets for both Deliscript Upright and Deliscript Slant.

Deli Manual
Deliscript was selected as a winner in the  TDC2 2010 Competition for Type Design
Click HERE to see how it was exhibited.
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